Coming Soon! SeQual Equinox

Chart Industries, the owner of AirSep, Caire, and SeQual, are the World’s largest manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators. As of right now, they have 5 POCs available to the public. Come Fall of 2013 or in the beginning of 2014, they will be adding a brand new portable oxygen machine to their already impressive fleet, called the SeQual Equinox. With the addition of the Equinox, Chart Industries have every category of portable oxygen concentrators covered.

The SeQual Equinox is going to be a 12 pound POC. At 12 pounds you might think they are sacrificing oxygen output or maybe a couple of feature. Fear not, SeQual has truly out done themselves. The SeQual Equinox is going to be able to produce up to 3 LPM on continuous flow and it will be able to produce a pulse flow setting as high as 9. Essentially, SeQual took the Eclipse model and compressed it into a 12 pound machine. Some of the other features that will be on the Equinox are a front-loading battery and talking alarms. The front-loading battery prevents you from having to deal with the travel cart getting in the way. The talking alarms are a great added feature in my opinion. The talking audible alarms will notify you in the event that your battery is dying or if you change the oxygen settings. There are going to be other talking alarms, however those were the two specific alarms SeQual highlighted in their presentation to us. If you feel the talking alarms would be annoying or if you just don’t want to hear your machine talk to you, they can be muted.

As of right now this is all of the information we have received from SeQual on the new Equinox. Be sure to check our website or this post regularly for updates! As soon as we receive more information we will post it!

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