SeQual Eclipse 5 POC Review

SeQual has been leading the way for continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators for a few years now. Within the next few weeks they will have a brand new concentrator available for sale. The newest addition to their fleet of POCs is the SeQual Eclipse 5. Before you go and ask what happened to the SeQual Eclipse 4, this is it! When SeQual was naming their new unit, the number 4 carries a darker meaning in China. Whether it was out of superstition, or if they didn’t want a darker meaning to cloud the release of their new machine, they decided to name it the Eclipse 5.SeQual Eclipse 5

At first glance the SeQual Eclipse 5 is almost identical the Eclipse 3, aside from the change in color. The Eclipse 5 weighs 18.4 pounds and stands  19.3 ” H x 12.3″ W x 7.1″ D, exactly like the Eclipse 3. It also has the same oxygen output going as high as 3 LPM on continuous flow and as high as 9 on pulse flow. As is the case with most of the other features, the expected battery life of the Eclipse 5 is the same as the Eclipse 3. Here is a chart showing you the expected battery life:

Flow Rate Pulse Flow Continuous Flow
1 5.4 Hours 3.7 Hours
2 4.4 Hours 1.8 Hours
3 3.4 Hours 1.3 Hours
4 2.6 Hours
5 2.3 Hours
6 1.8 Hours

So far, it seems as though the SeQual Eclipse 5 is just the Eclipse 3 with a new paint job. The major difference between the Eclipse 5 and the Eclipse 3 is the motor. The motor of the SeQual Eclipse 5 is what makes the unit. With the new motor installed, the SeQual Eclipse 5 can be charged off the DC power supply in the car. When plugged into the DC power supply, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is able to charge on all pulse flow settings, and it can be charged on a setting of 2 LPM continuous or lower. If you use a setting of 3 LPM, the Eclipse 5 will not charge in the car, but it will still run off of the DC power supply. With the SeQual Eclipse 3, you could run the unit off of the DC power supply on a setting of 2 LPM or lower, but it would not charge. If you used a setting of 3 LPM, you had no choice but to use the battery life.

The Eclipse 5 battery can be charged two additional ways. The main way you will charge your battery is through the AC power supply. You simply plug your machine into the AC power supply while that is plugged into a wall socket to charge the battery. The other way you can charge the Eclipse 5 battery is through an external battery charger. The external battery charger is an optional accessory you can purchase. It comes in handy when you have several batteries you plan on using.

Taking into consideration that the SeQual Eclipse 5 is just a revamped Eclipse 3, it is going to be a great unit. It has a user-friendly control panel with 4 buttons and an LED screen. It comes with a travel cart for maximum portability. It has everything you would need! The SeQual Eclipse 5 is going to be the top of the line continuous flow POC. Remember this unit is not available for sale yet. It should be ready within a few weeks. Once it has been released, we will be one of the first places to announce it!

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