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AirSep Focus vs LifeChoice

Sometimes it can be hard to determine which portable oxygen concentrator will work best for you. Most purchases occur online or over the phone which prevents you from trying the concentrator before you get it. With so many concentrators having similar features yet being so different, there can definitely be some confusion. To help you make the decision that is best for you we have our oxygen concentrator comparison series! The latest installment of our oxygen concentrator comparison series will take a look at the AirSep Focus and the LifeChoice portable oxygen machines. Continue reading

Respironics EverGo vs Respironics SimplyGo

Determining which concentrator will work best for you can be difficult especially without getting to use the unit before you purchase. With multiple units from the same manufacturer it is easy to get confused while doing your research. The latest edition of our oxygen concentrator comparison series will take a look at the Respironics EverGo and the Respironics SimplyGo. Continue reading

Inogen One G3 vs LifeChoice Activox

As a rule of thumb, when purchasing a POC you want to get the lightest one possible. In some cases that may turn out to be an 18 pound unit and in other cases it may be a 4 pound concentrator. In the event that you are able to use an extremely lightweight portable oxygen concentrator you are left with a tough decision. There are quite a few lightweight POCs to choose from and here is a portable oxygen concentrator comparison of the Inogen One G3 and the LifeChoice Activox.Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Output/Flow Rate

Inogen One G3: The G3 offers pulse flow settings 1-4 adjusting in increments of 1. On all settings the oxygen concentration is 90% +/- 3%.

LifeChoice Activox: The Activox offers pulse flow settings of 1-3 adjusting in increments of 1. On all settings the oxygen concentration is 90% +/- 3%.

The Inogen One G3 offers one more pulse flow setting than the Activox. Although it is not that big of a difference, it’s nice to have the insurance knowing you can go up to 4.


Inogen One G3: The Inogen One G3′s weight varies depending on which battery you use. With the 8 cell battery the G3 weighs a mere 4.8 pounds. With the 16 cell battery it weighs 5.8 pounds. Here are the dimensions of the G3: 7.25″ x 3.0″ W x 8.75″D.LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

LifeChoice Activox: The LifeChoice Activox only weighs 4.83 pounds. With the optional external battery, the Activox weighs 5.83 pounds. Here are the Activox dimensions: 7.8″ H x 9.05″ W x 4.38″ D.

Both of these units are extremely portable and lightweight. There is no clear winner in this category, both units are some of the smallest in the world.

Sound Level:

Inogen One G3: The Inogen One G3 is a pretty quiet unit. Running at 42 decibels on a setting of 2, the G3 is quieter than a normal conversation from 3 feet away.

LifeChoice Activox: The LifeChoice Activox is going to be a little louder than the G3. On a setting of 1 the Activox runs at 41 decibels. The sound level increases when you increase the oxygen output.

Inogen has excelled at keeping noise level to a minimum with their concentrators. Even the older Inogen One G2 runs quietly and efficiently.

Battery Life:

Inogen One G3: Inogen concentrators are also known for their battery life. The G3 has two different battery types, an 8 Cell Battery (single battery) and a 16 Cell Battery (double battery). Here is a chart showing the expected battery life for the Inogen One G3:

Flow Rate Battery Life 8 Cell / 16 Cell
1 6 Hrs / 12 Hrs
2 4 Hrs / 8 Hrs
3 3 Hrs / 6 Hrs
4 2 Hrs / 4 Hrs

LifeChoice Activox: The LifeChoice Activox has one internal battery with an optional external battery. The external battery does not come standard with the Activox. Here is a chart showing the expected battery life of the Activox:

Pulse Flow Setting Internal Battery External Battery Total Battery Life
1 8 Hours 3 Hours 11 Hours
2 6 Hours 3 Hours 9 Hours
3 5 Hours 2 Hours 7 Hours

Both portable oxygen concentrators get great battery life. They also give you an additional way to get more battery life. For the G3 you can get the double battery (16 cell) to boost your battery life. With the Activox all you need is the optional external battery to get additional battery life.

Altitude Operating Range:

Inogen One G3: The G3′s operating altitude range is 0-10,000 feet (3048 m). Should you go higher than the specified operating altitude range, the performance of your concentrator will suffer.

LifeChoice Activox: The Activox’s operating altitude range is 0-10,00 feet (3048 m). Should you go higher than the specified operating altitude range, the performance of your concentrator will suffer.

The altitude operating range for POCs is pretty standard across the board. If you are planning on flying somewhere with your concentrator don’t worry, the airplanes are pressurized to about 8000 feet.

Control Panel:

Inogen One G3: The Inogen One G3 uses a 5 button control panel with a back-lit LCD screen. There are also two LED visual alarm lights. On the right side of the control panel there is the power button, audible alarm button, and display back-light button. The flow control buttons are located underneath the LCD screen.

Inogen One G3 Control Panel


LifeChoice Activox: The Activox uses a 6 button display with LED indication lights. This control panel is very easy to use and navigate. On the top of the control panel are the flow rate buttons. Below the flow rate buttons are the mute button and battery check button. The battery check button can be used to check the remaining battery life on both the internal and external batteries. The power button is on the left side of the control panel.

LifeChoice Activox Control Panel


The Inogen One G3 and LifeChoice Activox standard packages provide you with all of the basic accessories needed to use the concentrator on a daily basis. There are additional accessories available for these units to replace a broken or lost accessory, There are also accessories available that do not come in the standard package. Here is a list of accessories for both portable oxygen concentrators.

Inogen One G3

  • 8 Cell Battery
  • 16 Cell Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • External Battery Charger
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • Gross Particle Filter

LifeChoice Activox

  • External Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Custom Carrying Case

Additional Features

Inogen One G3: The Inogen One G3 has a sleep mode technology. The sleep mode technology allows patients to be able to sleep with the Inogen One G3. It increases the machines sensitivity by 10 times to detect breathing. Patients requiring a CPAP or BiPAP machine will not be able to use the Inogen One G3 to sleep with. This unit also comes with a 3 year warranty.

LifeChoice Activox: The Activox comes equipped with sleep mode technology. The sleep mode technology increases the machines ability to detect a breath by 10 times. Most patients should be able to use this machine to sleep with unless they use a CPAP or BiPAP machine. The LifeChoice Activox comes with a 3 year warranty.

Both of these concentrators are extremely lightweight and portable. They both get great battery life and are FAA approved. Should it come down to these two concentrators in your decision-making process you can’t go wrong either way. Simply because of the oxygen output my vote goes towards the Inogen One G3. This comparison truly is a toss-up. To learn more about the Activox or Inogen One G3 visit our website! Here are two videos showing what comes with your Inogen One G3 or LifeChoice Activox:

+Duke Reeves